Seó bóthair recently visited Beech Hill College. Fifth Year students got the opportunity to partake in this lively, educational and enjoyable show.

Seó Bóthair is an interactive workshop about the Irish language which utilises games, debates and role play to bring the Irish Language to life.
Students were encouraged to use the excellent level of Irish they already have acquired while learning about where they can use Irish and about their language rights.

The aim of Seó Bóthair is to encourage and empower students to use their Irish more often outside school. Our fifth year students enjoyed this afternoon of Irish and welcomed the debate and activities which allowed them to exercise their Irish and display their love of the language.  Students learned about the advantages and opportunities the Irish language can provide them, about the growth of the language and about the various language campaigns going on around the country.

Pictured is a group of our fifth year students with Niamh Ni Ghoill (Seó Bóthair), Fergal (Muineachán le Gaeilge) and Ms. F. Mulholland Irish Teacher Beech Hill College.  




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