Beech Hill College has once again participated in DEAR, Drop Everything and Read. Through this initiative students were given the opportunity to display their love of reading during the school day. Each day students availed of the designated time to drop everything in hand and to turn to one of their much loved pastimes, reading.

The school library houses an abundance of wonderful titles and each student carries a library book in their bag. As Beech Hill College is an Accelerated Reader school each students’ reading progress and development is carefully nurtured and encouraged. 

Our students’ love of reading was particularly evident during DEAR. Students embraced the extra time afforded each day during the event to increase their reading time.

Each student has been guided to a particular colour coded area in our school library adorned with texts to suits their reading ability, age and interest. After reading a text students then conduct a book quiz which highlights the progress made in their reading and literacy attainment as well as establishing their word count. The school library is open to students each day at lunchtime and for visits throughout the school day. Students and class groups compete with one another to secure high word counts and to constantly increase the number of texts they have read. DEAR was one of the recent initiatives established to foster a high level of attainment in the literacy patterns of our students. Well done to all involved. 



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