It was with much delight that the Principal, Mr McArdle, Deputy Principal Ms. Sheerin and Library Coordinator, Ms. Mulholland along with students and staff of Beech Hill College welcomed Minister Heather Humphreys to one of our richest and recently rejuvenated facilities, our school library. On Monday 27th November Minister Humphreys officially cut the ribbon on a number of the bookshelves filled with many much sought after titles. 

From the initial concept to the official opening the revamped library has become a central component in the development of literacy among all of our students. In this library every student can become their most amazing self and discover a lifelong love of reading.

The development of the school library has been two fold. We have implemented one of the most effective software tools for fostering reading growth, Accelerated Reader. Beside this we have populated our library with the most desirable texts to ensure that the reading ability and interests of all of our students is catered for.

Fundamentally, our school library draws students into the world of real reading, a world in which people learn from and enjoy books.

Students embraced this monumental occasion to highlight their reading habits, accumulating word counts and the development of their own virtual book shelves. Two of our third year students, Conor Brennan and Eva Molloy, talked of their love of reading and how the library facility in Beech Hill College has nurtured this. They informed the Minister of how their reading progress is built in to the school awards system and carefully monitored.

Minister Humphreys’ love of the Arts was palpable as she spoke of the recent plays she has enjoyed as well as books she is currently reading. Students posed questions about politics and reading and displayed their inquisitiveness as they delved into questions about the Minister’s favourite author and works. Minister Humphreys highlighted the benefits of the new programme of reading initiated in Beech Hill College by Ms. Mulholland. She reminded students of the value of reading and the possibilities it opened on life’s journey.

Completing her visit to the Beech Hill College Library, Minister Humphreys bestowed a beautiful book, Centenary, to adorn the shelves of our library. Concluding the event, Ms. Mulholland reminded students of the words of Charles William Elliot;

 “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors and the most patient of teachers”.

Following the ceremony in the library Minister Humphreys was taken on a tour of the fantastic facilities in Beech Hill College and was presented with The Humphrey’s family crest carved in wood by Mr O’Shea and some woodwork students. 




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