Last Tuesday was an emotional day for the 6th year class of 2018 as they celebrated their last day as pupils of Beech Hill College. The event was attended in huge numbers by parents and relatives and took place in the beautiful Beech Hill College Library.

6th year student Fiona Drayne led the ceremony on piano with Mr. Dominic Mc Stravog, Year Head acting as MC. Local businessman Vincent Mc Aree from Mc Aree Engineering (past pupil of Beech Hill College) delivered a key note speech which was both entertaining and poignant. In his speech Mr. Mc Aree recalled with fondness his own days in Beech Hill College, the assistance he received from teachers and the friends he met. He spoke about the choices he made in life and his career to date. His speech was very engaging and definitely gave the 6th year students ‘food for thought’

Celebrating the diversity in Beech Hill College some students addressed the group in their native languages. Class representatives Rachel Ward and Hannah Clarke brought their classmates back to their first day in Beech Hill College and recalled the wonderful activities and excursions that they have been privileged to enjoy! On behalf of the 6th year class they thanked all of the parents and the staff of Beech Hill College who ‘always go the extra mile’ to help and support the students.

Mr. Mc Stravog  presented  Special Recognition Awards to students who by their participation, enthusiasm and diligence had contributed greatly to the life of Beech Hill College over the last 6 years. The students who received these awards were Slanie Mc Kenna, Jody Murphy, Jade Mc Combe, Rachel Ward, Clara Nohlen, Megan Mc Quais, Clidhna Mc Ardle, Hannah Clarke, Chloe Keenan, Kasey Mc Crudden, Erin Mc Crudden, Aoife Mc Quillan, Orla Murphy, Chloe Mc Quillan, Gerard Sheerry, Helena Mc Donald, Casey O’Leary, Lorna O’Leary, Fiona Drayne and Megan Singleton.

Principal Mr. Patrick Mc Ardle concluded the ceremony by thanking the parents for entrusting the education of their children to Beech Hill College. He said that he was delighted that they have grown to be responsible, mature, fun loving young people who will ‘go far’ in life. He encouraged the pupils to follow their dreams and wished them well in the upcoming Leaving Certificate and their chosen life paths.

Following this students, staff and parents had a chance to mingle and chat in the gorgeous surrounds of the Beech Hill College canteen!    



Mr. Vincent Mc Aree (past pupil) speaks to the class of 2018



Mr. Mc Aree pictured with Year Head Dominic Mc Stravog and Principal Mr. Patrick Mc Ardle



Beech Hill College Class of 2018



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