Last week saw the arrival of the much-anticipated R.S.A shuttle bus to Beech Hill College. 4th and 5th year students were selected as the target audiences to participate in this worthwhile event.

The R.S.A’s work in this Road Safety Interactive Unit has been seminal in spreading the message about the importance of road safety. 

Our students in Beech Hill College were given the chance to interact and experience, first hand, various road safety campaigns. 

The young people enjoyed a fully interactive road safety educational experience which included practising their safe cycling skills along with their driver theory test. 

Students also experienced, in a virtual situation, the extreme dangers of drinking and driving, driving and texting and driver fatigue. 

They were, furthermore, given the opportunity to learn about the importance of wearing one’s life saving seat belt whilst being seated in a vehicle simulating a 360 degree roll over in a collision. 

Students and teachers alike, reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and everyone took away at least one piece of life saving advice from the 2 day event.

Teaching our young people about the importance of road safety is without a doubt one of the most important life skills we can equip them with.  








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