On Monday 1 April 2019, students who study Politics and Society in Beech Hill Colllege, Monaghan participated in a questions and answer session with local Cllr Cathy Bennett prior to attending a Monaghan County Council meeting.

Accompanied by their teachers Ms Mc Entee and Ms Macklin, the students learned about the operation of local politics in the Monaghan area. Cllr Bennett, currently the only female representative on the council in the county, discussed some of the challenges of the role.

Beech Hill College is one of only ninety-nine schools nationwide that provide Politics and Society as an option for Senior Cycle students sitting the Leaving Certificate examination. It is currently the only school in County Monaghan to offer the subject. 

Sincere thanks to Cllr Bennett for obtaining permission for the students and teachers to attend the meeting and for the warm welcome received from all the councillors and the council co-ordinator at the meeting. The trip provided students with a unique and fascinating insight into local politics.

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