Beech Hill College bids a fond farewell to the Class of 2020 with a ‘Drive In’ Graduation.

Every year the Beech Hill College Graduation ceremony takes place in the College library followed by lots of photographs, hugs and handshakes in the garden. Due to the current social distancing restrictions, however that type of ceremony was not possible this year. The teaching staff of Beech Hill College could not let the wonderful Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied students’ progress to the next stage of their lives without a ceremony to wish them well and say goodbye.

Thanks to Vincent Macklin from Panic Hire who erected a huge screen and stage at Beech Hill College for a ‘Drive In’ Graduation. Students and their parents as well as staff remained in their cars and tuned in to the speeches, music and videos. Both Principal Patrick Mc Ardle and Deputy Principal Siobhán Sheerin addressed the gathering as well as 6th year students Eleanor Murphy and Jamie Duffy. Mr Mc Ardle encouraged the students to develop their remarkable talents, be brave in the face of adversity and to always remember that they are Beech Hill College students. He wished them well in their future paths and looked forward to welcoming them back to the school when social distancing was no longer required.

It was a particularly poignant ceremony for Year Head Barbara Gleeson as she marked the end of her teaching career. As there were no presentations held the students had prepared a video montage of appreciation and best wishes on her retirement.

Following a number of weeks of uncertainty for these young people it was an emotional yet fitting tribute to their time spent in Beech Hill College.


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