Congratulations to the thirty senior Beech Hill College students who have been selected as student leaders. These students have undergone an interview process and have received recommendations from teachers. They wear a white shirt and plain navy tie so that they are easily identifiable among the entire school population.

Our student leaders play a very important role in Beech Hill College.  They are involved in all aspects of school life and are inspirational to younger students, providing an example and setting the high standard that we expect in Beech Hill College.

They have already played a crucial role in ensuring that the ethos of Beech Hill College carries across to all areas of school life as they were heavily involved in the induction programme for our first year pupils, which provided essential guidance and assistance to the younger students as they made the transition from primary to secondary school.

They also regularly assist with the promotion of our COVID 19 preventative guidelines among the student body as they encourage all our students to wear face coverings, practice excellent hand hygiene and maintain social distance. Well done Student Leaders!





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