October 19th - Open and Enrolment Evening

Friday 2nd Feb - Enrolment (please bring enrolment form, birth certificate and PPS


 March 2017 - Assessments
 August - School Books 
 September - Information Evening for Parents of First Years

Absence – At Beech Hill College we encourage pupils to come to school every day

unless it is absolutely unavoidable. If a student is absent from school they must bring a

note explaining the absence to their Year Head. These notes are in the school journal.

Homework-The most important book that you will have in Beech Hill College is your

school journal. Remember to write your homework into your journal every class. Parents

should sign the journal at the end of every week. Remember not all homework is written,

study and revision are important too.



Beech Hill College
Monaghan, Ireland

Phone: 353 47 81200
Email: info@bhc.ie

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