As another week concludes in Beech Hill College so too does our annual participation in DEAR. This week offered an opportunity to our school community to partake in a much-loved pastime, reading. Students and staff used our Sora online library to DEAR, Drop Everything and Read, at various intervals throughout the school day. 

During these times books released us from our own reality. Our school fell silent as books took us beyond our world and into someone else's real or imaginary one. Our reading became a vehicle for reflection.

We commend our students on how they participated in this annual activity. Their reading is fundamental to knowledge acquisition. The more knowledge our students have, the better-equipped they are to tackle any challenge and truly be the best they can be. Reading helps students to build their vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen. When our students read they experience life through the eyes of another, encountering diverse angles on life's most common situations.

Well done to our entire school community on achieving another successful DEAR. 










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