The Student Council in Beech Hill College plays a vital representative role for the entire student body of our school. Two representatives are elected within each year group in a fair and democratic manner. It is their responsibility to then be the voice of their year on any multitude of school matters that relate to the entire student body.

The Council is fundamental in helping shape and inform school policies as well as playing an important role in all aspects of school life.

The Council meets fortnightly to voice student opinions and discuss ways to benefit and further improve the life of our students. It is led by an elected student Chairperson, Secretary and Communication Officer. Our Student Council members are an enthusiastic, energetic and insightful group and membership is always open to anyone who is willing to put their name forward for election.

First year students in Beech Hill College are currently in the process of nominating representatives to go forward for Student Council elections in early January. We look forward to welcoming our new Council members.







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