Junior Certificate Programme

In September, 1st Year students set out on a programme of studies which prepares them for the Junior Certificate Examination which comes at the end of their 3rd Year.

Some subjects are core subjects and are taken by all students. Other subjects are optional and give the student a choice - it is important to aim at a broad range of subjects which will keep many options open later on. Non examination subjects are shown in italics.

Beech Hill College will be offering the new Junior Cycle - find out more on www.juniorcycle.ie


First Year Core Subjects 2017-2018

 Irish (unless student has an exemption)


These subjects are also studied

 Religous Education
 Physical Education
 Computer Studies
 Social, Personal and Health Education


Choose 4 from the following;

 Art, Craft and Design
 Materials Technology (Wood)
 Technical Graphics
 Business Studies





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